Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Moderation is key!

5km cross country run!

   Its me... :)

Today, my school had a 5km cross country race!! All week ive been looking forward to it!! haha... running is my favourtest (not a word... i know!) thing!!!
   My aim was not to come first, or any of that, i didnt see it as a race. I saw it as a fun thing!! I am good at running, i run long distances, thats what im best at... im not exactly the fastest... or i am fast, compared to some. On the treadmilll i can run at a speed of 10-12km an hour, and thats pretty fast!! But i prfer to run long distances... at at speed of 10/11 and then when im sprinting a few minutes i run, 12/13...
  But onto my actual day?

My aim was to do the best i could, and beat my own personal time!! Which i am proud to say, i did both!
When the siren went off... off i went... running, running, running. Totally focused on myself, on the path before me. Running past people, was one of the best feelings ever!! I kept my energy saved, i ran at a good pace, so that i could keep running while others were slowing down... and then when others really ran upp the hills, i took it slow and easy so that i could keep running after the hills, while others had to stop and walk.... thats the best tips i can give you, dont wear yourself out at the start and dont exhaust yourself up the hills, if you have to, walk the hills so you can run afterwards!!
Of course, half way through... i start to struggle for air, but i just had to take small breaths and keep going... my legs going, one two, one two.. a steady pattern, my heart beating fast in a wuick tempo!!
   My eyes pointed forward, my only aim to finish, to run past the finish line.... & out run a few people!! haha
   The last 500 m, when i saw the finish line... i shot off... my legs pushing me fast and forward.... i sprinted full out, and i heard the shouting and cheering of everyone as i keep dashing forward!!
  When i crossed the finishing line, i got the good news that i was the 5th fastest girl - out of c.a 600 people, i was in the top 10 fastest people!!
  Yes, im very proud of myself!!! :) But it wasnt much of a shock... - Ohhh.. cocky right? ;)
I am very proud of myself now :) All i really want to do is run another race.... i am going ot start administrating myself to other races, for next year!! So that i  know im gonna run, and have a place :)
   I love it!! It feels so good in my whole body, my mind set!! I feel like im actually good at something!! :)

I got home, and made myself a really nice smoothie: Fruit yoghurt, banana, berries and banana and a whole load of cinnamon! hah
All my studies are done, so i know i can just relax tonight!!Niceee :)

How is everyone doing? :)

Im here... again :)

Ok... long time, no write??!!?
  I admit, its hard to keep two blogs running.. it feels like, here i only write about my exercise & eats... which is boring right? But its because like all of the people who read this blog, actually read my other blog aswell? so it feelsl like you all ready know about my day, and i really cant be bothered to write about my day twice? otherwise im going to just copy & paste and post it onto both of my blogs!! haha XD
  nah... not so sure what the fate of this blog is... but i think i might just use it as my healthy exercise & food blog. Ive already started getting emails, about people wanting advice for exercise, or healthy food, or just living healthy.... and i love it!! It makes me so happy to help in that area, i do know alot about exercise, i know alot about diet, calories, weightloss, and toning up!! So im in the know!! Of course, im not some proffessional, so maybe not eveyrthing i say or advice is supposed to be 100% right or listened to....
  just so everyone knows!
But if anyone has any heathy/exercise/food questions, you can email me at:
  ^^For now, im still using that email, as it would be WAY to stressful to have to have 4 different emails.. i.e my private one, my school account, the one i just posted... & another one... nope, i wouldnt get around to answering emails then. So use the above email to contact me :) (Or comment, that works aswell!! Even htough i dont write here regularly, i still check :) )

So thats pretty much it here... now you know what im gonna write about here, not as often as my other blog:
  For now, that is my regular blog... and i dont see any plans to stop writing there, not for now anyway...
Is there any certain thing you would like me to write about here? Please just let me know :) If you need any advice or tips, comment or email me :)

Benefits of green tea

I admit, im a green tea addict!! :) I love it!! Its so relaxing, i drink it almost every evening, sometimes even two cups!! It helps me relax and de-stress!!
  And the good thing, theres actually benefits!! haha