Saturday, October 6, 2012

About me!

I thought i would introduce myself... as some people might be new here... others might know me from my previous blog.

I am half Irish, half Swedish, and moved to Sweden 2 years ago.
I love running, listening to music, writing and spending time with friends.
I am currently going to an international school, and have 3 more years left (got held back for different reasons)

I live with my mum and her partner, who is really nice.
I have an older sister, a step sister and a half brother.
1) Me and my older sister
2) Me and my mum 
3) Me , my mum and my sister         

I love spending time on my own, but i also love being with friends. I am someone who either talks loads... or doesnt talk at all.

I am good at maths, but suck at french.

I have 3 dogs in total, but only one is living with me.

I am a bit OCD with cleaning and a perfectionist.
I am addicted to cola zero. And a choc-o-holic.

I love baking and i love eating food!

Dancing, laughing and taking photos!

Now you know a little bit more about me...

 but if you have any questions... ask away :) Ill answer!!

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