Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 04 - tell me about your closest friend

I have two best friends... or the two people who are closest to me...
   The two in my previous post.

My very first Best friend - S

I met her when i was 5 years old, and we've been best friends since... c.a 12 years!!
  We are very alike, but at the same time... different? We love reading, we're both kinda nerdy, and both weird as hell :)
  When we met... things just clicked... We were inseperable!! We could spend hours talking and talking and talking. Never got bored of each other.
  Sure, we had our silly little arguments... but they never lasted long. We were such good friends.
   She is amazing, and one of the most amazing friends ever. And i am so glad that she is my best friend.
  Of course, as i am living in Sweden, and she in Ireland we dont see each other so often... which really does suck. We keep in contact over FB and skype.... and so far, our relationship hasnt faded, which i am so thankful over. I never want to lose her as a friend...


Here in Sweden, i have one amazing friend!!! We meet at Mando clinic, which is a treatment centre for eating disorders, where we were both inpatients at the time...
  I wasnt someone who talked there. I sat silent, in my own little depressed world. But she was so talkative.. she livened up the place. I had been going to Mando for more then a year, pendling between inpatient and day patient... and she was the first patient, whom i really talked to.
  We were both so restless, were always up and jumping about. And wanted something to do.
  I remember she was going to start sowing a bag, and i suddenly got interested... i also wanted to sow a bag... and that was how our friendship began!! hah
   We were in different stages of recovery, so for a while we lost contact as i was a day patient and starting school again, and she was only just begining day patients.
  But then by chance we meet again at a casting to be a hair model.... and then we swapped numbers and kept in contact!!
   And im so glad that we did!! We've only really been hanging out for c.a 8/9 months... not even a whole year... but it feels like ive known her forever.
  Sometimes it feels like she knows me better then i know myself.
  We've been through the same thing... it feels good sometimes to talk about certain things, which other people dont understand, but i know she does....
  And i guess its the same for her... im not so sure?
But our friendship isnt just based on anorexia and our EDS... of course, we talk about thing related to it... but we have so many different conversations as well.
  And we always help each other.. we both ave our bad days, where we feel fat, and would like to just starve... but we pepp each other, tell each other that its not worth it... that we're never gping to return to the hell of anorexia.
   She is one of the most amazing people i know. And i am actually so glad that ive met her.
  The time just flies by when im with her... and i always have a good time. Even if its just sitting drinking coffee, and we both feel tired and in a bad mood. Just knowing that i dont have to smile all the time, that i dont have to pretend im happy... that i can be myself... feel how i feel... is great.
I could continue saying all these great things about my two best friends... but then this post would never end.
I have the most amazing friends!! And they make my day and my life worth living!!!

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