Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 02 - something that makes you cry

Chopping onions.... :)

Hahah... but seriously? Eerrrmmm...
   When i get bad grades.. or get critisized... I cant deal with it.
Most people shrug it off, think ok... i didnt get an A on my test... sure next time.
  Or... oh ok. She doesnt like my shoes, well fuck her?

Me... im a bit like this.....: I didnt get an A?? Why... what did i do wrong?But i studied.... *goes into panic mode* *tries to keep the tears away*
  5 year old behaviour... ? Yes.. i know. But i am just so sensitive to that stuff.

Like if someone tells me that i dont look good in a top... im gonna go home, burn the top. And that one comment will be forever etched into my memory... it always pop up when i see your face!! haha

I know the quote... isnt the truth better? Or however it goes... but for me... Trust me... keep the truth to yourself.. i dont want to hear it.
  I want to hear pretty lies, to keep my happy... i dont deal well with bad news or critisizm in any form or kind... :)

Now we've got that sorted right? :)

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