Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Me again!!

Hellooooo... Its me again... Gosh, its so empty, i can practically hear the echo :) hahha

Basically, i havent been feeling so mentally well the last while, and i have barely been able to keep up blogging with my other blog... none the less two blogs.
  But ive decided that i want to start blogging on here a bit more... slowly move away from my other blog.  But that will gradually happen... my other blog, ive had for c.a 3 years.. i dont just want to let it go... its like a comfort.
I have a lot going on at the moment, do dont expect to hear from me on this blog everyday...
  But now and again anyway... maybe everyday, maybe a few times everyday`? We'll see.
 But i have no obligations to blog... just on my own free will!!

I had planned for this blog to be a  healthy and training blog... which will be part of my blogging, as i am very interested in that. I love training and exercise, and i am very 'into' and know alot about healthy eating and a good diet.
  So if anyone has any questíons about either, or anything with those two, dont be afraid to ask :) Id love to help in any way i can.
  Of course, remember im no proper trainer or a dietician, but i do have a lot of background knowledge and resources!! LOL

I hope you will continue to read this blog, and follow me :)
  Of course i cant make you do that... ( Hmm... let me just get the shot gun and we'll see about that?! ) XD

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  1. izzy you look so so amazing! can't wait to start reading your new blog (sorry I'm overly behind) so happy to see how great you're doing oxoxox