Friday, October 5, 2012

Gym time!!

It feels like forever since ive been to the gym.... It was Monday i last went.... Gosh. hahaha!!! XD

I just havent had time recently... and really, i barely have time today... but i want to go to the gym before im off for the weekend!
  So im squeezing in a few hours after school now :)
Not so sure what im planning to do.... haha!!

I think im gonna do some HIIT training and some abs :) Ive been spending some time trying to come up with some good workout routines... so that i dont do the same each time i go.. because in the end that wont really have any effect!
   Its actually fun, to sit and write down my workouts... roughly what im gonna do :)

So for now... its time to work up a sweat!!! :)

^^Not to forget the important protein drink!! Have to recharge after a workout... :)
My favourite is Cappucnnio flavour or Vanilla.
Really, im not so sure which is better protein powder or protein drinks?
Really, food protein is best.. i.e chicken, egg, nuts and even eating a banana is good.
I used to make protein salads to take with me...
But when i head straight to the gym after school i have to use protein shakes/powder.

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