Saturday, October 13, 2012

Make a goal, and work for it.

For me... i love the gym. I love working out. I love running. I am an exercise junkie!! <3

But of course... sometimes i can wonder... why am i at the gym? I mean i spend a few days a week there.. or depening on how i feel and what not. How busy i am, and whether i feel like going to the gym or not...  but say, i spend 3-5 days a week, roughly... and i have different routines... different training each time. I dont just do the same thing... but at the same time im like... what am i doing at the gym? Im not here to lose weight... so what am i doing? I mean, i want to tone up... but at the same time... i dont even know what. I just love the feeling of running... thats mainly what i do, and then a few crunches etc etc (more of course... jsut cant be b√≥thered to go into detail.)
   But im deciding now, to set small, realistic goals!! ( its kind of exciting really!!!) I mean, since ive started at the gym, i know my body has changed... ive gotten more muscles.. which i love!! I love my arms and legs now!!! My arms arent all stick thin, like theyve been all my life.. but they actually have muscles.. and im always flaunting them whenever i get a chance!! (haha.. jsut ask my family or friends :) )
   But now im going to set small goals like... i want to tone up my ass... and im going to work on that now... thats my main goal. And of course do what i find fun. Of course... ass work outs arent that fun... haha... i just want to keep putting them off!!! :)
But setting small realistic goals is what you need to do. Because, you cant think that in two weeks you're suddenly going to have abs and like a fitness model.... it takes time. And instead of aiming for a complelte change... take seperate areas at a time... maybe focus on arms and stomach for a few weeks, but of course working the whole body, as that is necessary.. and varying on days.. as if you workout your arms too often, with too much weight you'll end up over working your arms and instead of building muscle you'll end up decreasing muscle... as is with any muscle group in your body...
  which i know. For a while i started running to often, and i noticed that my leg msucles werent as strong as usual... i could barely run a half hour... so then i had to stop running so much, and rest my legs... and now ive gotten the strength back into my legs.. and doing a good balance of resting and working out!! :)


If you dont have goals.. it can be very easy to lose motivation... to not know what you are doing and why... but if you know what you are aiming for.. what your goal is. Then work for that.

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