Monday, August 20, 2012

Dance, Dance!

Good day, good day!! Me again :)

This evening i went to two dance classes!! Fun!!
  First commercial Jazz!! That was so much fun!!! Loads of small differnt coreagraphies!!
  For once, i actually kept up with the dance speed! Of course, a few mistakes here and there... but nobodies perfect!!!

And then it was a 15 minute break before i went to Zumba Jazz! Ive tried Zumba twice before.. it just isnt my thing. I cant seem to Shake!! haha... im so stiff in my body...
   And the teacher went sooo fast, that i pretty much just did my own thing!! Thats the way to do it.
  I felt pretty awkward in the class, so unfortunatly, i didnt enjoy it... but atleast i tried Zumba!!

I was then planning to do Hip-Hop, which is my favourite dance style!!!! But other things came in the way... :'( so i headed home instead.
   I wish i had danced Hip-Hop... but sure, its just to move on.

A blury picture of me!!



  1. I personally love Zumba! It's so much fun and you can just add your own style to it. I don't dance much, so it was sorta the perfect thing to try! Where did you go to try them?

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