Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Making time for the gym

To me, training/gym/exercise is a priority in my life... just like, school, friends&family, food and fun is.
  And i try to make time for all of it!!!

Exercise makes me feel good, and takes my stress away. If im stressing loads, or have loads to do... then i just accept the fact that the gym comes second/third place, i dont prioritize it first... as that leads to obsession or compulsion...
Today, as i finished school early enough, i headed to the gym!!! First it was some strength training.... my abs seem to have dissappeared..? lol so i got work those up again :)
   And my arm muscles are fading... or is it just me, as im getting used to how i look.. so now it feels like i need to tone up more?
 i dont know!!!
And then i did 1 hour on the ellliptical... which was killing!! haha. I split it up to 30 & 30.
   But after the first half hour, which left my legs feeling heavy. I took a five minute break where i drank like a liter water... and then back onto the elliptical... after 10 minutes i was like... 20 minutes left? I CANT!! haha.. my legs felt so heavy, i spent the rest of the 20 minutes wondering if i should run instead, or just stop and go home.. but before i knew it.. it was 3 mintues left... and then i really went for it!! haha...
   And then that was that, covered in sweat and feeling tired, i ate my apple, drank my protein drink and got changed!!! :)
  That was my little trip to the gym today!!!!

^^Not today!

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