Saturday, August 18, 2012

New start

Hello :)

Some of you might know me (from my previous blog:, some of you might be new here.

Im going to introduce myself a little, so all you get a bit of a picture about me..? :) And in time of course, there will be more information, and more details etc etc

I spent 5 years of my teenage years, sick with Anorexia Nervosia. Which is basically what my previous blog was about. But during my recovery, i found my passion for training, running and healthy eating.
   I've always wanted to write about it. Write about my runs, about all the healthy food i eat. But i never did that on my previous blog, as i didnt want to trigger anyone.
  But here on this blog, i will be writing about my workouts, healthy eating and just generally my life.
  I want to leave the whole 'anorexic/sick/ED thing behind... move on with my life. Without having comments about, you're eating too little, or training too much.
  I have a balance in my life.

Of course, if anyone ever needs support or help with your ED, you can always comment, or mail me at I still check that mail and reply.
This blog isnt about losing weight, that isnt my goal. My passion is healthy eating and training. That's what i love, and thats what i want to write about.
I have a balance in my life, im not an orthorexic and i dont have anorexia-athletcia either... of course, i had a bit of both while i was sick with anorexia nervosia. But ive recovered from all of that.
  If anyone wants to read about my journey through anorexia and my recovery, you can visit my previous blog:
But this is my new blog, with healthy living.

A healthy lifestyle.

If anyone has any questions, or wants to leave a little message, feel free to comment :) It will brighten my day!


  1. I was actually going to leave a comment on your other blog and ask if you were going to start a new one but BAM, you read my mind! I guess that's my question answered! :)

    1. Hahah... ohh spooky!!! :)
      I wonder if ill keep both blogs up...? Most probably, i love blogging.
      But sooner or later im gonna stop with my other one, as i dont want to think of myself as anorexic anymore... :)
      Thank you for following me and commenting! It means alot!

  2. You are my favourite blogger and of course i'll follow you here.
    It's a real good decision you've made to create a new blog. Maybe one day you'll switch completely?
    I can't get enough of what you're writing !
    There are a lot of health blogs out there but all they are writing about is food. I want to know about you and your life, your struggles and achievements.

    1. Aww thank you:)
      Yeah, i like how now i can write a bit more about my exercise routines and all that aswell, and other food realted things. But i dont just want to write about that!!

      Im gonna give this blog a test run and see if i continue or not:)

  3. This is a great idea! ^_^

    Btw, I think you look gorgeous in those photos :)

    1. Thank you my darling..? Will you follow this blog aswell? :)

    2. Yeah, I think I shall, unless you state otherwise! :)

  4. I get why you wanted to change a blog, the URL of old blog made new readers think that the blog is entirely about anorexia and maybe they wouldn't even notice that you have already recovered.
    I'll sure be checking out your new blog too :)

  5. Think this sounds like a great blog! I'm following it!