Friday, August 24, 2012


Gosh, this weekend i am going on a detox. I feel bloated and awfull... not nice at all.
  This week, i havent had time to think about my food or what ive eaten. Its mainly just fix something quick... and i know that i havent eaten alot this week.
  Barely what i actually need... just a little breakfast, a little lunch, a small dinner and then like a fruit before bed....
  Not enough, im surprised that i havent lost weight.

But this weekend, i am going to take time with my food, not just shove it in. And i am going to eat eat healthy, not just like loads of bread which makes me bloated and like the only thing ive been eating. Ive eaten loads fof chocolate, as ive been trying to make up for lost calories...
   Eating junk food and bad food makes me feel all bloated and makes me feel slow and all sweaty... nah, not a nice feeling. I dont feel as energetic.
Why im sharing this, i dont know..? I jsut felt i needed to get it out of me.... ehhh...

Fruit and vegetables is what counts this weekend!!! It sounds like im going on some diet, but im not. Its just this weekend, where i want to try to clean my body.... so that i get my energy back and start thinking striaght.

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