Thursday, August 23, 2012

Food - Hot and Not

1 food item that ive found, and i love! and another one which i found, and didnt like!

Hot at the moment:
 My new favourite chocolate bar!! :)
   I decided to give it a try, and i was surprised that i liked it!!
  Why it is called 'sport lunch' i have no idea. As it is rather unhealthy, and definitely not a lunch?

Not at the moment:

Gainomax Recovery, chocolate flavour.
 It was  a dissappointment. I was looking forward to a nice chocolate flavour after training... but no. I actually jsut poured it out. -_-

I love the Vanilla flavour though!! So i do suggest gainomax vanilla after training!

(You know that if you're trying to build muscles, you have to eat more then usual, as you break down your muscles while training, and then you have to give it protein and carbs so it can build itself up even bigger... and that is done during rest. So train hard, eat well and rest!!!)

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