Saturday, August 18, 2012

Finding the balance

I dont want to come across as some super healthy freak, or an orthorexic. And i dont want to seem like an overtrainer/anorexia-athletica.

Ive already dealt with them before in my past, but i can say that i am healthy. I have a balance between eating healthy and exercising.
  So i dont need any harsh or critiszing comments :) I dont take any bullshit anyway, you can try to bring me down, but it wont affect me.

I eat 5-6 times a day, and i dont have any restrictions in what i eat. I can eat what ever im craving whether its chocolate, a salad or nuts. I dont count calories, i eat solely on what im craving and if im hungry or not.
  I exercise because i love it, if im tired, then i wont work out. I wont go to the gym, i dont push myself. I exercise, and run and train solely because i love it. I love the feel of running.
Some days i can eat loads of unhealthy, and the next i will eat healthy... depending on how i feel. Each day varies, some days i eat loads others i eat less.
  Thats the balance. I can eat both healthy and unhealthy, and i can exercise loads but i can also spend a whole day sitting infront of the cimputer... but that doesnt happen often, as i prefer to be out doing things, or with friends. Then just sitting on my own with a computer... not my idea of fun.

If anyone has any questions or are curious, send me a comment!
^^Fruit salad. One of my favourite things to eat

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