Sunday, August 26, 2012

Taking out my anger at the gym!

Good ning everyone!!!
I havent done so much today, but i did get out of the house to go to the gym anyway!!
  I had booked myself into a circuit training pass!!! It was really good!! I love circuit training!! Its my favourite. You work the whole body, and you actually have training pain afterwards!!!

^^Ok, you cant actually see in the poictures... because my mobile camera is bad... but i actually had the start of abs... and you know the like side abs? hahah
I had lots of extra energy afterwards (because of certain circumstances & reasons) so i went full out and did HIIT training afterwards!! Hahah, i really went all out. But it felt so good. I  didnt feel tired, i was just full of energy!!
Here is a training tip from me to you: HIIT Training (High intensity interval training) is one of the best.
   For both progress, stamina and weight loss... (im not ddoing HIIT for the 3rd reason though...)
  Basically, instead of just running for an hour at the same speed. Walk, jog and sprint....
  walk 2 minutes, jog 5 minutes, sprint 3 minutes and repeat.... or you know, however minutes you want to do of each.
  It has a much better effect then just going at the same speed!!! Its my absaloute favourite thing to do. I really notice the effects!! I mean, now i can run at a speed of 13km/h for a full 5 minutes!!! Because of HIIT i can run longer and faster and not get as tired, but actually work harder? And i see progress alot faster :)

After training i took a gainomax Cappucinno flavour which is now my favourite flavour!!

Since then, i havent done so much... been waiting. waiting. waiting to use the computer... it sucks not having my own. :/ And not having enough money to buy my own one either... :/ I really need and want a job.
  Im actually thinking abotu asking to have a job at the gym!! Haha... nah, ok, most probably not. But i mean, im there a few times a week anyway? But i wouldnt be able to work out while i was working there, and id have to work at the evenings, and not get a chance to actually work out... so i dont think it would work.
  I think the best would be to work in a shop during weekends... we'll see. But i serisouly need some money!!!


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