Sunday, August 19, 2012

You can still be healthy and eat junk food :)

How is everyone doing? :)
  Thank you to all the readers who have decided to look at this blog, and to follow. It means alot to me. I understand that many cant, and thats alright,
  I dont want to trigger anyone. I want to have healthy readers who have the same passion as me!!

Today ive baked, chocolate cupcakes, raspbery cakes and scones, and now im sitting with a cider in my hand.
  Alot of calories...? But i mean, thats ok. Its ok to have a day where you enjoy yourself and eat good food. :)
   Im just enjoying myself, and this time im making sure to not get as drunk as last time!! Hahah.. not pleasant a pleasant experience!! :)
Of course, the alcohol can make me think bad thoughts... but for now, im in control. So thats all good :)

Im having a great evening, and now at 00.00 im just about to eat a chicken and avocado salad... Hmm dinner for me? :) Strange times when your drunk?! :)

I hope you all have a good evening xx¨

Here is a nice picture of us? JOKE


  1. Replies
    1. awww thank you:) D says thank you aswell :

    2. i will follow this blog, i love you and i wont stop you make me want to recover so thank you so much. youare a strong beautiful women. i can email you still right? thank you so much much love breanna

  2. I went out drinking and dancing yesterday night too!
    In the past days i've eaten so much crap and eben out of boredom. This is going to change soon since i'm leaving for berlin but i felt soo huge and bad and unhealthy.
    But then - 4 guys danced with me this night and i got soo much positive feedback! My dress was very tight and even i was bloated - i FELT beautiful because i'm happy.

    You are the most beautiful person i know wen you are so happy :)

    1. That sounds so much fun!! :) It always boosts confidence when guys take notice of me!! :)
      Hpapiness is hte most beautiful!! When people smile it instantly makes them more pretty!! :)
      Thats always a rule to follow :) I mean, nobody wants to hang around someone who is all sad!

      I know tha feeling, where it feels liek you've eaten loads of junk food.... and you feel huge. Nah, i prefer healthy food, you dont feel as bloated and big from it.... but i know its ok to have days where you pig out :) haha