Thursday, August 23, 2012

exercise and the gym

Exercise and the gym are more then just burning calories and losing weight. Exercise is important for health aswell. People who are skinny/thin and don't exercise are just as unhealthy as people who are obese and don't exercise. It's important for everyone. An hour each day. I love exercise and sport. It always makes me feel so much better!!! I spend time exercising and prioritizing exercise because I know its important. And it makes me feel better. I don't feel so stressed. I hate when I get the comment ' well you don't need to exercise do you?' It's like... yeah I do. But maybe not for the same reason as someone who is 20kg overweight... but its still about health. I hate how people think you need to exercise just to lose weight .....

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  1. I've just found this other blog too :)
    I couldn't agree more with you.
    Being thin without exercising is as bad as being overweight.