Saturday, August 18, 2012

Healthy beakfast and Morning run

Good Morning :)

The day started great. Breakfast today consisted of:
Granola, peanut butter (my new food love!), banana and milk. & a large coffee.

After breakfast i set out for a run, running a total of 14,5km - i.e 1hr 30!
  Thats my usual time... im aiming to try to run faster.

I didnt even feel tired running today, i just felt good. I felt awesome!! haha :)
  I didnt want to stop, but of course, i knew that i had to... i cant just keep running... or i could. But i dont want to exhaust myself and i had to run back home again anyway!!
Running is absaloutly my favourite thing!! I'd rather die then give up running!!!

The day has started great, lets hope this good feeling continues!

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