Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fate of the blog

I thought it would be easier to run two blogs.. i though i would gradually just write on this blog. But at the moment, there is alot going on with my other blog. I.e promoting it, and there is an article on the way etc etc... so im laying much more time on my other blog (
  Of course, in time.. i will write more here. But at the moment, its not so often as im in school, and training and friends and then writing on my other blog.
 But dont unfollow, because i will still write here and in time there will be more....

I want to gradually write about my life here, about my days, and all the healthy good food i eat, and more abotu my training, i want to fill in details, and more readers...
   but that will all come in time!!


  1. It's extremely hard to balance two blogs at once! I've tried it before and wow, I give you props for posting on both of them! I always favored my main one more {this one} so of course, it got more love and attention from me while the other one gradually got forgotten about then deleted :/ If you're happy to write on your other blog then don't force yourself to write here too! Like you said, it'll come with time :D

  2. Both your blogs are wonderful and inspiring, so wherever you post it will always be enjoyed by me. I really wish I could blog as well as you :D