Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Exercise talk?

I usually dont talk to anyone about my training, or what exercise i do... im not so sure if that is considered a sick thing or not..? I mean, i tell my mum when i go to the gym, so she knows that i go a few times a week... and thats that.
  The main reason i dont talk to her about my exercise routines is that im worried that she would think that i push myself to hard..? When really, im just pushing myself so far i can go, pushnig myself so i get better... i mean, whats the point of going ot the gym if you're not going to go there to improve, when i feel like just running... to let go of everything. To enjoy running, i go outside. I just put on my trainers and go for a run outside, but when i go to the gym.. i go there to improve.
  Either i really run hard and fast on the treadmill, or i do both cardio & strength..
The last day though, i was so proud of myeslf when i had run the like 14km, that i told my mum!!! I was happy and proud of myself, my mum didnt seem so happy though. Her worried face came on, and she was like, is it usual to run that much? ermm... if you're a proffessional i guess..? but i mean, the people who run marathons run like 3/4 hours... i run 90 minutes....
  And that day i only ran, i didnt do any strength...

i should be allowed to be happy about myself, about my progress... of course, im not gonna share that happiness with my mum. She doesnt understand. I understand that she might be worried, but still...
Im just gonna have to post my progress here... or keep it to myself!! haha XD

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